A SURVIVAL GUIDE: Living With Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period, by Dougal Dixon

coverSo, you want to get away from it all? Throw off all your current responsibilities? Turn your backs of whatever aspects of your day-to-day life have become tedious? Leave behind the hustle and grind of modern 21st century existence?

You would rather face something new? Embrace the adventure of a completely different life? Live in a totally different landscape, away from the buildings and institutions of your existence? Face dangers and difficulties that have never yet been imagined? Take on new and even more pressing responsibilities, some of which may mean the difference between life and death?

Throughout human history people have felt this way. The classic fantasy has always been to flee to a desert island – a place where food can be easily gathered from the wild and where the climate is balmy enough to make survival not only a realistic option, but a comfortable and pleasant one.

Well, here is a variation – let us stay right where we are, and go back in time. Not to a different place, but to a different time period. Not back to Victorian times, not back to the Ming Dynasty, not back to the Roman Empire, but way back – back into the vague and strangely-named periods of deep geological time.  In particular, the late Jurassic period – the heyday of the dinosaurs.

Now that will be escapism!

smalltheropodsiThis quirky book, written by dinosaur expert Dougal Dixon, deals with how humans can survive in such times, where they would not only face dangers from the dinosaurs themselves, but must wrestle with the change of climate, environment and landscapes.

Take the atmosphere, for instance. The oxygen levels became usable to us about 400 million years ago, but since then there has been a great variation in the oxygen levels. In the late Jurassic it is possible that the oxygen levels were about 35%, as opposed to 20% at the present day. The difference between the composition of the Jurassic atmosphere and that of your own time may make it difficult for you to breathe when you first arrive, but your body will probably adapt to it before long.

Then how would you know which of the gigantic and unidentifiable plants are edible; how would you cook them; how could you create a safe shelter; how would you manufacture the necessary tools for daily life – and how will you prevent yourself being eaten by those threatening dinosaurs?!

That is what makes it such an adventure. Let us see what wonders await….!


img9007DOUGAL DIXON is an award-winning writer and editor, specializing in the Earth sciences.  Author of over 120 books, he has also been a joint editor, contributor or consultant on a further 60 + books and magazines, and, as a practical geologist, has taken part in several expeditions and excavations.  His special and rare talent is being able to effectively put over scientific and environmental concepts in a totally novel and entertaining way. His most notable books are – THE FUTURE IS WILD, AFTER MAN: A Zoology of the Future, THE NEW DINOSAURS, MAN AFTER MAN, and TIME EXPOSURE (a.k.a. THE AGE OF DINOSAURS) written in collaboration with wildlife photographer Jane Burton, in which extinct animals are dramatically portrayed in lifelike photographs.

AFTER MAN was nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award in 1982, with film and merchandising rights currently optioned by Dreamworks SKG.

Dougal Dixon has made several international television appearances, and acted as a consultant and animator on a video program about dinosaurs. He also presented a Japanese television program about evolution, during which he worked in the Serengeti, the rain forest of Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.

A SURVIVAL GUIDE: Living With Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period, by Dougal Dixon


Prologue: The ultimate escape from reality

Chapter 1: Welcome to the late Jurassic period

Chapter 2: How to choose the most comfortable place to live in the diverse environment of 150 million years ago

Chapter 3: First step of living in Jurassic times: identify the edible vegetables

Chapter 4: How to identify which animals can be used for your daily living

Chapter 5: Essentials: what you need to know about dinosaurs to keep yourself alive

Chapter 6: Explore the ways of co-habiting with vegetarian dinosaurs

Chapter 7: How to correctly distinguish between birds and flying dinosaurs to ensure your survival

Chapter 8: How to make use of a stegosauruschap734

Chapter 9: How to make clothing from dinosaurs

Chapter 10: Let’s enjoy a day in the dinosaur age!


TITLE: A SURVIVAL GUIDE: Living With Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Period

AUTHOR: Dougal Dixon

SUBJECT CATEGORY: Fiction based on science / Natural History / Adventure / Humor

TARGET AUDIENCE: Adults & Young Adults
EXTENT: Approx. 50,000 words  + Captions
ILLUSTRATIONS: Colour & B/W, drawn by Dougal Dixon

RIGHTS AVAILABLE: Worldwide Publishing Rights, excl. Japan


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