GREENWORLD, by Dougal Dixon

strida front coverGREENWORLD is an outstanding work of illustrated science fiction with a dominant and topical environmental theme, dealing with human impact on the natural world.  Set in the future, it tells the history of an Earth-like planet, discovered just as pollution, overpopulation, disease and other environmental ills are about to overwhelm the Earth. A generation ship with ten thousand colonists on board is dispatched to settle this planet.

GREENWORLD chronicles the progress of the 10,000 ‘pilgrims’ as they emigrate, with hopes for a new beginning, from the ruined planet Earth to inhabit this new and amazing planet.  Here on Greenworld they encounter incredible animals and plants, which they quickly learn to use – not always ethically – in establishing their new ‘civilization’. The first thousand years’ history of the colonization is described: during this time every ecological mistake, every environmental disaster, every planning blunder that took place on Earth is repeated here on Greenworld. All the incidents described are based on some actual event in our history.  The outcome is inevitable!

The history is told by means of entertaining short stories that build together into a kind of a dynastic epic, interspersed with snatches of poetry and various artefacts of the colonists’ culture, including field guides, advertisements, herbals, recipes, comic stories, survival leaflets, and various flyers and announcements related to the pilgrims’ life on Greenworld.

All the amazing creatures – borne out of the incredible imagination of Dougal Dixon (already famous for his After Man, New Dinosaur and The Future is Wild creations)  – are illustrated by his fantastically detailed anatomical drawings of these strange and wonderful animals. Clever and witty terminology for the animals, month and season names add to the charm, novelty – and a hint of irony – of the storytelling.

These stories and illustrations, along with Appendices providing field guides to the fauna, the reproduction strategy of Greenworld animals, and information on the evolutionary planetary life, all combine to form a unique and enthralling book.

rwaeng7aThe biological background is already well established. It constituted part of BBC2’s The Natural History of an Alien in 1997, Channel 4’s Equinox program E.T, Please Call Earth in 1992, and BBC’s It’ll Never Work in 1993.  It also featured in FOCUS magazine, and The Radio Times in 1993.  Now, GREENWORLD, the book for which it was all created, is ready for publication.


Best-selling author (New Dinosaurs; After Man; The Future is Wild) –The Future is Wild has been published in over 20 languages, and sales topped 125,000 copies (hardcover) in Japan alone.

Topical environmental theme – sends a clear message.

A truly unique work – nothing to rival this on the market.

Imaginative and entertaining storyline based on factual evolution principles.

Fascinating visualization of new-world habitats.

Fantastic flora and fauna illustrated by Dougal Dixon.

Potential for developing into other media, e.g. animation, feature film, merchandise, etc.


Greenworld will appeal to science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts, as well as readers with an interest in evolution and the environment. Dougal Dixon has a considerable following internationally, and his fans will love this new book, especially those who know and admire his talent for creating amazing, imaginary creatures.  Target demo is broad, ranging from mid-late teens to 40-50 yr. olds.  Appealing to both sexes, though leaning towards a male audience.


img9007DOUGAL DIXON is an award-winning writer and editor, specializing in the Earth sciences.  Author of over 120 books, he has also been a joint editor, contributor or consultant on a further 60 + books and magazines, and, as a practical geologist, has taken part in several expeditions and excavations.  His special and rare talent is being able to effectively put over scientific and environmental concepts in a totally novel and entertaining way. His most notable books are – THE FUTURE IS WILD, AFTER MAN: A Zoology of the Future, THE NEW DINOSAURS, MAN AFTER MAN, and TIME EXPOSURE (a.k.a. THE AGE OF DINOSAURS) written in collaboration with wildlife photographer Jane Burton, in which extinct animals are dramatically portrayed in lifelike photographs.

AFTER MAN was nominated for the prestigious Hugo Award in 1982, with film and merchandising rights currently optioned by Dreamworks SKG.

Dougal Dixon has made several international television appearances, and acted as a consultant and animator on a video program about dinosaurs. He also presented a Japanese television program about evolution, during which he worked in the Serengeti, the rain forest of Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands.




SUBJECT CATEGORY: Science Fiction/Environment/Illustrated

SPECIFICATIONS: No. of pages: approx. 526pp

Illustrations: approx. 156 colour pages; approx. 20 b/w pages

RIGHTS AVAILABLE: Worldwide Publishing Rights, excl. Japan


English publishers interested in the rights for this extraordinary book should contact Chris Braham.


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