MEET PINO AND FRIENDS: A Bestselling Book & Animation Series direct from Sweden

PINO the teddy is a cheerful new friend for toddlers! 

His happy face and sunny smile brightens up everyone’s day! Discover the joys of Pino’s daily life as he plays with his friends in this series of 28 books and 40 TV animations.

Aimed at pre-school children, this playful little character will help children enhance their communication and language skills, and stimulate their interest in reading.  All the stories are illustrated in bright, warm and strong colours, and written in simple and direct language.  They will aid parent-child bonding through the pictures and stories that relate to the simple events in a child’s everyday life, told with humour and love.

This children’s book series has become a bestseller in its home country, Sweden, and has also been published in Norway, France, and Korea, with a series of 7 digital eBooks published in Japan.

In addition to the storybooks is a number and counting book, and accompanying colouring book.

The TV animations are broadcast on SVT (Sweden’s national TV broadcaster), and have been released in DVD format.  They have also been adapted for cinema and shown at selected Swedish cinemas featuring quality films for children.

A range of merchandise has been released in Sweden, and there is great potential for merchandise in other markets.


Eva Pils and Agneta Norelid 

Both Eva and Agneta have many years experience of working with children in environments such as preschools, hospitals and special care units.  In their professional work with children, Eva and Agneta have gained extensive knowledge about how small children develop their language and picture skills.

They wanted to make good books for small children; books that tell stories which children can relate to. The PINO books are intended to be a natural next step up from baby books. Each picture in the books should be easily understood, tell a story in itself, and be set in an environment that children encounter in their everyday life.

Eva and Agneta wanted to build these stories around a kind and happy little character: together with the illustrator, Kenneth Andersson, they created PINO.


Kenneth Andersson

Kenneth is an illustrator for magazines, books, and advertising.  Kenneth drew PINO with Indian ink and brush,
which might explain why he is such a cuddly and sweet little teddy.  In addition to Pino, Kenneth has created other well-known characters in Swedish children’s books, such as Stötnisse, UFO and YoYo, and has illustrated a book for the US children’s book publisher, Boyds Mill Press



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