MOON CATS by Ryosuke Handa

nmhchduglss500There was a kingdom of cats in the moon. These moon cats are very intellectual and possess great knowledge of astrology, arts, philosophy, architecture, science and maths, and so on. At the palace, the king is holding court with his retainer cats to discuss these subjects every day. One day, his retainers reported to the king that they had seen by telescope the same kinds of cats living on Earth. However, even though their appearance was quite similar to the moon cats, they found by observation that their behavior is quite different. At the palace, the earth cats and their human colleagues became a hotly debated subject of conversation. Finally, six of the King’s retainers decided, even against the King’s wishes, to journey to Earth to study everything about these earth cats. Moreover, they enticed the King’s daughter, the inquisitive princess, to join them on their adventure. This fantasy tale about cats was written because the author is strongly inspired by the mysterious behavior of cats, and will be welcomed by readers who are fascinated by eccentric and whimsical feline behavior.


• Mysterious fantasy about cats living on the moon

• Beautiful illustrations of cats

• Poetic and humorous writing


Children & Adults who love fantasy and cats


16722_10201504104603306_4488682239063670131_nRyosuke Handa Born 1954 in Kyoto, Japan. Writer, graphic artist and translator, now located in Tokyo. He grew up in the northern countryside of Kyoto surrounded by beautiful nature and goats, cows and chickens. After working as a freelance editor, Ryosuke started writing and drawing in 1986, recently creating humorous and poetic picture books with his original technique illustrations. As a print artist, he has published more than 40 titles of fantasy and non-fiction covering broad fields such as cats, dogs, photographic art, mathematic puzzles and eroticism. His first English book, “The Kittens of Boxville”, was published in March 2009 by Chronicle Books:,book-info/store,books/products_id,7874/


Near to the North Pole of the moon, on the top of Machiron desert hill, was the palace of the moon cat king.

All the moon cats in the palace were not only proficient in their fields of study, such as mathematics, astrology, economics, linguistics, architecture, psychology, etc. but were also diligent and industrious hard workers.

“We moon cats are all working hard to improve ourselves, even missing sleeping and washing our faces. If we wasted our time by lazy sleeping, we would lose our virtues and just become stupid. “

The king of moon cats addressed his retainers thus.

“Please let me humbly say, your majesty”, a fully fledged astrologist said to the king while offering the telescope.

“Please have a look, majesty.  Cats in the blue planet earth seem to be spending all their days by sleeping lazily. Despite this, their faces do not look so stupid. Rather, some of them are wiser looking than us.”

The king peeped through the telescope at the blue planet. He was surprised that the earth cats were contentedly sleeping so much and said. “These cats are just pretending to sleep. For sure, they must be thinking something!”



Author:  Ryosuke Handa

Category: Picture Story Book/Fantasy

No. of Words: 48 pages/ all color

First Published in Japan: 2007

Rights Available: Worldwide excl. Japan

Original Format: 25.8 x 17 x 1.2 cm / Hard Cover

Illustrations: More than 30 cat illustrations


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