Trollihopp – The Trilogy

What is Trollihopp? Well, Trollihopps are small, kind trolls with a strong connection to nature and all living things on earth.

This trilogy of books celebrates the glory of beautiful nature, and stresses the importance of our environment – with the help of real photos and the happy little trolls. The books are aimed at children aged 3 to 7 years old.

Book 1: The big adventure

 In this photographic children’s book, you can follow the great adventure of the little friendly troll Mokii when he travels through all the seasons of the great wilderness and meets plenty of pleasant animals and birds on his way.  The story tells of following your heart when you are lost.

The Big Adventure  is the debut book, a photographic tale of wonderful adventures in magnificent scenery.

Book 2: Together in the Wilderness (working title)

Book 2 is about the father (Mokii) and daughter (Yikoo) continuing their journey towards their home in the ancient forest; how being helpful to each other makes things possible and easier; the “life-force” of everything alive in nature; what the northern lights are to Trollihopp; a short encounter with the tailless peoples’ village, and the introduction of a third troll (the son and brother).  The book ends with a few wise words, and the three Trolls facing a big view of their home landscape so the readers understand that the Trolls are almost home and that in the third book they will meet the entire Trollihopp-family awaiting them at their cabin.

Book 3: Title to be decided

This last volume is about the whole family, a total of 5 trolls, finally coming together at their home and making up for the time lost through various activities they like doing. It is much about love and joy, but with a serious part too when the family are summoned to the great troll council by the magic “life-forces” of ancient Trollihopps of another time. There they are told about a great threat and given a mission to stop it…..


ABOUT THE AUTHOR:   Magnus Emlén  Married with two children, who are the inspiration for these tales, and the reason that Magnus decided to create Trollihopp, the adventurous little trolls that love the outdoors. He wanted to show the next generation that nature is magical and beautiful so they can learn to appreciate the outdoors and understand the importance of nature, not only for our well being, but also for all living creatures and not to forget the entire climate and our planet.

From his small hometown, Gällivare in northern Sweden, Magnus has used his photographic and creative skills to capture and promote the majestic beauty of nature.  When young he was always fascinated by the magic and mythology that surrounds the wild forests around the world, so when his wife was expecting their first child he wanted to create something fun to read to their children. Something that was intriguing, magical, beautiful and educational.  Combining his skills in woodcraft and photography, Magnus put together a short story about these kind little trolls. The short story became a trilogy and now, after more than 4 years of hard work, building trolls and props, hiking with an overly heavy backpack and lots and lots of photography, two books are finally completed and the third that binds it all together is in the making.

Magnus’ little boy and girl have been very much involved in the process. They have named the trolls, built shelters for the trolls and accompanied Magnus on many photo-shoots for the books, and at the same time have simply enjoyed nature.

Magnus says:

“I hope Trollihopp in some way can give children happiness and an understanding that we humans should all take good care of our nature and its inhabitants and practice kindness to everything and everyone.

Have a nice time reading and remember to enjoy and cherish nature!”

The characters and settings in the Trollihopp books offer great potential for merchandising and TV development.


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