WATOJI NOTE: Authentic Japanese String Stitch Binding Note Book, Made in Japan, Kyoto


Japanese-style bookbinding originated as Chinese bookbinding techniques, which spread to Japan and were further developed there. The history of such bookbinding dates back to the Heian period, and this tradition remains intact to this day. In 2018, we at DOHOSHA Printing will celebrate our 100th year. During our 100-year history, we have used the knowledge and experience we have cultivated to create Japanese-style bound notebooks in the hope of spreading this traditional Japanese product throughout the world. Although the bookbinding method we use is of traditional Japanese origin, we use standard paper for our notebook pages and covers, and our notebooks incorporate modern designs. We specifically use b7 cream paper for the pages, which makes for an extremely smooth writing experience when using ballpoint pens or gel pens in particular. We also use kihoushi paper for our covers, which achieves a warmth and gentleness. We would be delighted if you could experience the quality of our notebooks for yourself.


Perforations make individualized use possible!

There are perforations in the bound side margin of our notebooks, so you can use them in various ways. For example, you can:

・Tear out pages after using them and save them as scraps


・Tear out one side of a sheet to use it as B5-size paper instead of B6

・Tear out only part of the top or bottom of a sheet to use it as a bookmark

In addition, because each sheet of a Japanese-style bound notebook is like a pocket, you can tape up the bottom, write a date in the notebook, and use it to store small, thin objects. You can essentially create your own personalized notebooks as long as you have ideas.



For around 100 years, DOHOSHA Printing, which is located in Kyoto,has been involved in many publications, including sutra books and other texts for shrines and temples.

Our slogan is to spend “another hundred years working with text”,and we are committed to our ongoing pursuit of “usefulness” to customers.



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