WATOJI NOTE: Authentic Japanese String Stitch Binding Note Book, Made in Japan, Kyoto


64 pages (32 sheets) / 182 mm x 128 mm (7.2 in x 5.0 in)  / SUGGESTED PRICE IN JAPAN: ¥961 (£ 6.6)

HAPPY ANIMALS [Rabbit] To Japanese, patterns on the moon suggest the figure of a rabbit pounding rice into rice cakes. Rabbits bring good luck, because the word for moon, “tsuki,” also means good luck. And because rabbits jump, they symbolize the leap to success.
To fishermen at sea, whales are signs that there are large schools of bonito nearby. Whales have a status similar to that of Ebisu, the patron god of fishermen. And in the Japanese language the word for whale is “kujira,” which also means “trouble free.”
Prawns symbolize long life and good health because they have long “whiskers” and bent backs, and yet jump about in a lively manner. They also repeatedly shed their carapace, which suggests growth and rebirth. Their bulging eyes represent happy times.
Imported from China, the character for bat means “happiness to come,” so the animal is a symbol of good fortune. A homonym for the Japanese word for bat, “komori,” means protecting happiness.

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