Rights World Agency offers:


We can arrange translation (both to and from Japanese) and full localization services. We can also advise on the adaptation of your contents for Japan in order to maximise the sales potential of your products or brand – this is most essential to succeed in the media market of Japan.

Licensing expertise- 

We match the best licensor & licensee between overseas and Japanese contents markets for publishing, photography, characters, brands, games, movies, and TV programs

Established licensee/licensor relationships- 

RWA has a strong network of contacts across the media licensing business in Japan, and overseas.

Market consultancy & representation- 

We provide consultation and negotiation services related to international content deals, especially for overseas IP owners wanting to enter the Japanese market.

Specialist Japanese market knowledge- 

We have a well-established track record of working in the market, and clear insight into consumer and business trends.

Expertise in the digital business environment- 

Coverage of mobile phone & internet licensing, and other forms of new media.

Contents development & management experience- 

We source and develop original new contents by working directly with creators and by licensing their works.

Sourcing of Japanese content- 

We can introduce creative contents from Japan for your publishing and/or entertainment programs

Cross-cultural business acumen- 

We have expertise in both Japanese and Western business practices

Bilingual service and native English contact- 

English and Japanese coverage, both with native speakers.


We represent an international clientele: our clients are located in Europe and Asia as well as the UK and USA. We have worked with clients ranging from global corporations to independent publishing companies, and with individual authors & illustrators.